Mission & Philosophy

The mission of Crimson Foundation, Inc. is two fold; first to share the love of Jesus Christ; second to demonstrate the compassion of Christ by providing resources and services that give under-served populations opportunities. It is through compassion that we will extend our resources and abilities to serve an ever increasing world of lack. It is through service that we will act and build infrastructure to attain a better quality of life for those without.

As part of our mission, Crimson Foundation seeks to inspire, uplift and educate youths around the world by ensuring that a high standard for literacy and learning is made accessible to all children that walk through our doors. We are constantly initiating and forming sustainable partnerships all over the world with those who share our goals for the development of children. At Crimson, we believe that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.” The foundation strives to give hope and provide tangible pathways for educational and community development. It is by faith that we commit our actions to serve.

Our Vision

Crimson Foundation is committed to increasing access to quality education in marginalized regions and populations around the globe. Generous individuals and organizations that believe the central tenants of Crimson Foundation fund much of the work being done. This grant proposal request funding to support both existing and new projects. The target areas of development are located in East Africa, Central America, and Southeast Asia. More specifically, we have existing projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Nicaragua. We anticipate new developments or projects in South East Asia Cambodia.