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Micro Loan Program – Crimson Foundation helps some of the poorest families in the world feed their families, send their children to school, and pay for life saving medicines. We are a very different kind of charity, offering hope, not handouts. By providing small loans (Average $100) and ongoing business training and support, our Microloan program empowers people in developing regions around the world to set up their own self-sustainable businesses. The profits from these businesses enable the women to work themselves and their families out of poverty.

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    Loans are invested into businesses. Many of the people will be starting a business for the first time; some will be investing in small businesses they already run but require capital to further develop them and make them profitable. Businesses types vary, including market stalls, bakeries, second-hand clothes shops, and transportation services.

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    We provide loans and ongoing business training to community members. When they’re able, they pay back the loan. We use this money to make more loans, to more people.

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    Every fortnight, groups receive more training to help ensure the success of their businesses. Topics include market research. pricing and profits, and business planning. During these meetings, people use their business profits to make loan repayments.

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    Repayments are recycled, and reused to make more loans. So every penny that is donated to Crimson Foundation, keeps on giving. Over and over again.

“At Crimson I know my child is learning things I could have never dreamed about. I would give anything for my child to remain at this school.”

Parent Testimonial


“I know that with my education at Crimson, I have dream bigger and help my family. I am happy to attend this school because here I have a chance at a better future.”

Student Testimonial


“We are so grateful to receive these monies to help us in our business. We hope to increase the number of pigs on our farm and provide for our family. We are now more serious to take care of ourselves.”

Micro-loan Testimonial

Micro-loan Recipient


The Crimson Foundation Livestock program helps communities provide for their families. By providing livestock to families of children that attend Crimson Academy, families are able to use them as a sources of nutrition and commerce. Two basic needs of sustainable food source and the ability to participate in trade are met within the program. We partner with school PTA organizations to manage community assessment, need, and oversight of the livestock program. We provide a variety of animals to families including chickens, cows, and goats.

Building Project

We believe in enhancing the lived experiences of families and communities by providing facilities that aide development, empowerment, and knowledge. This is accomplished by identifying areas of needs within communities and funding various building projects that serve and help communities. Crimson Foundation helps communities with various construction projects including :

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    Build Family Homes – Often the structures that families live in are not stable. We provide aide in the form of new homes or home improvement. Some families are squatters on other people’s land. We help identify land to build a home for deserving families. We also help families with remodeling. We rebuild walls, roofs, and floors.

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    Build Water Systems and Sources – Water is essential to housing and educating children. Child labor problems and water born illness prevent children from attending school. By assisting families with community water systems, it ensures children and families have a greater opportunity to lead health lives.

Annual Kamonyi Cup

Help us empower communities in a variety of ways. Empower economic self-sufficiency through the Micro Loan program and Livestock Support program. Empower greater community development and engagement through supporting the construction of modern homes and restroom facilities for families.
Empower a Community